Leaders by Example

Meet some of our passionate, focused, and inventive team members who are never short on energy or ideas.

  • Andy Warhol said, 'They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.' That changed my approach to work since my first job in advertising.

    Kevin Wertz
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Good ideas are like pinkeye. Highly contagious.

    Jo Shoesmith
    Chief Creative Officer
  • 'Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.'

    —Peter Drucker

    Jarilyn Auger
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Overplanning kills magic.

    Kari Shimmel
    Chief Strategy Officer
  • I want to be known for being resilient, being relentless, being calm, and remembering everything.

    Sal Taibi
  • Every day we embrace challenge and deliver results. Knowing there's a new personal best out there keeps me motivated.

    Zenaida Torres
    Managing Director, Los Angeles
  • Trust the journey.

    Jamie Lewis
    Managing Director, Digital
  • Be fearless, smart, and push collaboratively into new territory.

    Jamie Rubin
    Managing Director, Media
  • The best way to get promoted is to do the job you want, not the one you have.

    Barb Rozman-Stokes
    Group Director, Agency Talent Management
  • Give them what they are asking for, then blow them away with what they aren’t.

    Laura Rogers
    Executive Creative Director
  • Advertising is an enormous microphone. Say something great. Try not to spit.

    Chip Rich
    Executive Creative Director
  • David Bierman
    Executive Creative Director
  • Jorge Moya
    Executive Creative Director
  • I’ve found that the harder we work, the more luck we seem to have.

    Jonathan Lange
    Director of Account Service, New York
  • Colin Padden
    Director of Account Service, Detroit
  • The universe is made of stories, not of atoms. I help brands find theirs.

    Marcia Lorente
    Head of Strategic Planning
  • Create experiences worth advertising.

    Chris Marchegiani
    Director, Strategic Planning
  • Kyra Wilson
    Media Director
  • 'Hard work does not necessarily guarantee success, but no success is possible without hard work.' 

    — Dr. T.P.Chia

    Bill Silarski
    Finance Director
  • Kathleen Ollen
    Group Director, Integrated Analytics
  • Ashōk Sharma
    Group Director, Integrated Content & Channel Strategy
  • Perspective is an immovable object. Until it shifts, and then it becomes an unstoppable force.

    Josh Huling
    Associate Director, Business Development

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