Unboxing a Legend

We helped Harley-Davidson attract younger audiences, restore their brand legend and pull off their biggest launch ever.

Brand Maintenance Required

Harley is an iconic brand, but ridership was aging and millennials weren’t paying attention. Harley had to kick it into high gear.

We went deep into research mode to completely reimagine the brand. And through mapping the consumer’s entire journey, we found one universal insight.

Harley Is a Social Equalizer

When you “pull up to the line” next to someone on a Harley, everyone feels a sense of true belonging. The brand that once stood for rebellion could now stand for inclusion.

Relaunching a Legend

To pull off Harley’s most ambitious launch — 10 new motorcycles with little-to-no media dollars — we had to go big.

So we leaned hard into the brand’s biggest asset — using our fan base as our media outlet. We enlisted nine cultural influencers — actor Jason Momoa, rapper Ludacris and more. We gave each a special mystery box they opened live on the Harley-Davidson Facebook page.

And Harley fans came along for the ride using #FreedomMachine to join the conversation.

A Content Machine

To sustain momentum, we produced a tremendous number of unique assets, leveraging digital channels with strong social activation to drive dealer traffic and the cultural conversation.

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of “who rides a Harley” on their head


Harley's "Most successful launch ever"

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