Keeping You Safe on the Road

We helped reestablish OnStar as the category leader for in-vehicle safety and security.

Navigating a Crowded Road

OnStar was fighting to remain relevant, overwhelmed by cultural, tech and competitive disruptors — leading to a decline in consideration and retention. We needed to turn this around.

A Live Connection When You Need It Most

Despite all of our technology, we feel less connected today than ever. And the fear of being alone in a time of need is universal.

Unlike its competitors, OnStar still uses live operators. And that blend of technology and human connection is a powerful solution for drivers who want to feel safe and secure on the unpredictable open road.

Be Safe Out There

This insight gave birth to a new brand platform and creative campaign: Be Safe Out There.

A Journey-Driven Content Marketing Machine

We threaded this point of view through every piece of a robust, multichannel content marketing campaign, remapping every touchpoint against the consumer journey and reimagining the brand’s entire CRM program.

We also developed a machine-driven design system powered by data, segmentation and AI — mixing and matching modules of content to progressively and dynamically build 1:1 communications across channels.

This maintained consistency across assets and supercharged our ability to deliver personalized content based on behavior, segment or context with tremendous speed, accuracy and volume — to the tune of 13 million unique emails a month.

the results


Increase in paid OnStar plans

Significant gains

across all funnel metrics


consideration across all GM nameplates

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