OnStar Guardian App Can Help You Find Your Loved Ones

Timed to General Motor’s expansion of its OnStar Guardian app, Campbell Ewald launched two spots showing the power of this technology and underscoring part of GM's focus on opportunities beyond vehicle sales to make the road — and the world — a safer place.

With the help of the OnStar Guardian app, a women is able to locate a family member on a dark rainy night. In this case, it’s an elderly parent. The Guardian app helps lead her to her father who is sitting on a park bench, lost in his thoughts. As she sits to comforts her father, OnStar reveals that it proudly supports the Alzheimer’s Association.

Because OnStar is committed to the safety and well-being of families and their loved ones, the company is donating $1 to the Alzheimer’s Association for every download of OnStar Guardian, starting in the month of June. This donation will contribute to the organization’s efforts to accelerate Alzheimer’s research, drive risk reduction and early detection and maximize quality care and support.

This new spot focuses on the celebration of teens seen in playful situations – in various vehicles – becomes suddenly interrupted by an accident. Immediately following this unexpected incident, the OnStar Guardian app automatically activates on a passenger’s phone. As the voice of an OnStar Advisor offers assistance and reassurance to the relived young occupants, OnStar reveals that it proudly supports the National Safety Council.

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