What makes us different makes us better

We believe the things that make us different, make us better. We strive to create a culture of belonging with a commitment to learning, ongoing growth and anti-racism.

Our commitment to equity, inclusion & belonging

Five years ago, we began our journey to create one of the most comprehensive and progressive DEI programs you’ll find in any agency to ensure we’re always progressing and raising the high bar we set for ourselves.

We are committed to transparently setting goals, sharing our progress and building a culture dedicated to anti-racism and belonging. We believe DEI takes strategy, bravery, smarts and unwavering growth.

Inside the Campbell Ewald Detroit office.

Our Journey


The who: You can’t achieve what you don’t measure. Being transparent and accountable helps us to reach our goal of proportionally reflecting the population of the country.

  • 23% of our employees are people of color and 55% are women

  • We are working to become more diverse and inclusive every day

  • In 2020, nearly 40% of our hires were people of color and 60% were women


The how: We create moments, programs and actions that can:

  • Attract diverse talent.

    Read about our Pathways Into AdLand program

    Pathways Into Adland: We offer creative internship and fellowship programs for diverse individuals with a passion and potential for careers in creative advertising to gain the experience they need to work in the business. It’s all about amplifying students of color with creative potential over portfolios. If you’re interested in learning more, email Heather.Collins@c-e.com.

  • Support employees so they can belong and thrive.

    Read about our DEI Programs, ERGs & Growth Mindset

    OneCE Inclusion & Diversity Council: We are actively working to cultivate a culture of belonging where all employees feel valued, respected and supported. Employees in each office have formed local diversity councils — named OneCE — to help guide our programming, which includes book clubs, film screenings, Courageous Conversations, cultural celebrations, #BlackLivesMatter Day of Action, Listening Sessions, Mental Health Holidays, and more.

    ERGs: We have a wide array of employee resource groups that represent black and multicultural employees, mental health, working moms, women and community service. These employee-led groups are created to connect individuals with shared interests, characteristics or life experiences, and build a culture that fosters belonging, while giving space for employees to come together with others like them, advance their careers and get support from a broader community.

    Growth: At CE we believe in the power of “not yet”. This growth mindset empowers our employees to shape their own personal and professional development by committing a minimum of 8 hours per month to their own Growth Time. We support each other and ensure our culture helps us individually and collectively find the “yes.” Practicing this mindset isn’t always easy, but we are on this journey to be braver and smarter together. 

  • Make our work smarter to impact culture and consumers. Check out some of our award-winning work.


The way you feel: We believe everyone should be treated with respect to feel secure and accepted for who they are. To do this, it is EVERY employee’s responsibility to learn from one another and do right by each other.

Our Results


I can be my authentic self


I have the information needed to consider the impact of client work on consumers who are not traditionally considered “general market”


My agency leaders communicate clearly about our D&I mission

In 2019, our employees strongly agreed at the above rates based on a measure of employees' sentiments through the annual Climate for Inclusion survey.

Our Goal

Reflect the population of our country.

Our journey toward racial equity

  • Black

  • Latinx

  • Asian

  • Multiracial

  • Native Hawaiian

  • All People of Color

  • White

  • Executives

  • 10%

  • 10%

  • 0%

  • 3%

  • -

  • 24%

  • 76%

  • Mid-Level Managers

  • 5%

  • 11%

  • 3%

  • 3%

  • -

  • 22%

  • 78%

  • Professionals

  • 5%

  • 6%

  • 6%

  • 4%

  • 1%

  • 25%

  • 75%

2020 gender representation

Gender representation at Campbell Ewald in 2020. Forty-five percent men and fifty-five percent women.

2020 racial representation

And gender equality

  • Women

  • Men

  • Executives

  • 45%

  • 55%

  • Mid-Level Managers

  • 58%

  • 42%

  • Professionals

  • 53%

  • 47%

Anti-Racism: A Commitment to Action

We believe in action and the power of words. Our journey to equity evolves and we will work to amplify all people tirelessly working for justice and change.

We’re proud to support 600 & Rising, IN FOR 13, We All Rise Together and The 3% Movement for pay equity.

What's next?

Diversity + inclusion + belonging + anti-racism

We commit to publicly being an anti-racist company. Our actions will continue to grow and amplify the needs of our employees, our culture and the consumers we represent.