Pathways Into Adland

Attention, future creatives. Campbell Ewald is currently hiring diverse candidates for our 2019 summer internship program, Pathways Into Adland. Learn, experience and grow as you work side by side with creative professionals from all disciplines. This will be a once-in-a-lifetime creative immersion designed to bring more diverse voices into our business.

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FAQs About Pathways Into Adland


Can you tell me more about the internship program?

Yes, our summer internship program is called Pathways Into Adland and focuses on specifically hiring bringing diverse creative talent. Specifically, it will be a rotational program for eight students or recent grads to experience a variety of rotations exposing them to different accounts, types of communications and aspects of creative throughout the summer.

Why are you specifically targeting diverse students or POC?

Historically, people of color have been underrepresented in creative and CE is committed to changing that ratio. We feel its important that the Pathways program will be an opportunity to grow and hire students who have high potential and come from traditional and untraditional creative educational experiences.

Does this mean other students can’t apply?

We encourage everyone to submit their resumes whether its for our Pathways internships or other internships or positions we may have come available.