Campbell Ewald supports MiCROWN campaign for hair equality


Campaign Live

We are launching MiCROWN, a statewide campaign to abolish race-based hair discrimination that disproportionately affects the Black community. The current law disqualifies people from job opportunities and career advancements as well as interferes with children's ability to get a proper education or participate in sports - all because of their hair. The campaign launches with “My Natural Hair Shouldn't,” which calls attention to this form of hair discrimination and directs people to the MiCROWN website, where they are invited to sign their support, share it on social, and then show it via a poster for windows and lawns.

When one of our creative teams brought this idea forward noting that The CROWN Act was already passed where we have offices, but not in our home state, I knew we had to support it. We recognize freedom from race-based hair discrimination in our company and feel strongly it should be the same across our state.

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