Sometimes The Simplest Uses Of A.I. Are The Best



When it comes to applying artificial intelligence to advertising we focus on incremental gains. There's always this dream of a fully connected eco-system where all decisions are made by the system and only augmented by human suggestion. This is a noble dream, but sometimes more practical applications are all we need. Our own Michael Veselinovski sat down with Jeremy Kahn over @ Fortune to discuss some of our uses of AI.

By our nature, it's common to attempt to solve all problems at once and Michael talks through how reining this desire in can lead to immediate, measurable gains. Let's not forget the big picture, but there are some great gains to be made in the short term.

“The thing I love about A.I. and data is the discussion that happens afterward,” Veselinovksi says. Rather than spending his day analyzing data, he now spends more time talking to clients about their brand positioning and overall marketing strategy.

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Photo by Nastya Dulhiier on Unsplash

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