What Advertising Can Learn from Kimmel, Lassie and Game of Thrones



If you read my last article here on Muse, "What Advertising Can Learn From Stranger Things and Sean of the Dead" (shameless self-plug), then you know that humans are at once both extremely neophilic—curious to discover new things—and neophobic—afraid of things that are too new. I noted that the key to making a hit is to provide audiences with a balance of both, often in the form of some well-disguised familiarity. Set them up with a fleeting feeling of uncertainty before hitting them with an aha moment. What I didn't discuss is the challenge to getting there. Specifically, our industry's nature to, more often than not, rob consumers of that experience.

Here's a more straightforward way to think about it. Is your partner stupid? I hope you know the answer. I ask because they're probably part of the group you're talking to with your advertising.

Joe Ciccarelli

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