Talks That Lead:
The Business Effect of Inclusion

Clients and coworkers coming together, facing challenges head on — this is how we lead. Our speaker series, Talks That Lead, facilitates and explores the difficult conversations confronting our industry.

In our sophomore series, we will be focusing on The Business Effect of Inclusion: why it's not only the right decision to demand diversity and inclusion in our business, but also the smart decision.

Events will cover a topic from our recently released Cultural Quarterly (CQ) report, which focuses on key themes that we see as great opportunities for marketers in the space of diversity and inclusion.

The purpose is the same as it was last year: to have a meaningful and open dialogue surrounding topics that will help us widen our perspective and take actionable steps toward more inclusive and powerful communications.

These events will take place in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and online. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with our speakers during Q&A. 

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